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Choosing and using a plan

Choosing a plan
  1. What Are My Health Plan Choices?
  2. Where Do I Get These Health Plans?
  3. What Plan Benefits Are Offered?
  4. What Is Most Important to Me in a Plan?
  5. How Do I Compare Health Plans?
  6. How Do I Find Out About Quality?

  7. Using Care
  8. How Can I Get the Most from My Plan?
  9. How Do I Obtain Care?
  10. What if I Have to Go to the Hospital?
  11. What if I Am Not Satisfied with My Care?

Primary Care Doctors
Pre-Existing Conditions
Fake Id Tips on Choosing a Doctor

  1. Sources of Additional Information
  2. General Information
  3. Accreditation and Quality

Additional FAKE ID Insurance Resources

COBRA Coverage - What is COBRA and how does it affect me?

FAKE ID Insurance Definitions - an overview of fake driving license and definitions

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