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How do I get paid?
Our program will pay you on every completed fake auto id insurance, home insurance, life insurance, business insurance and request form. Forms are free, quick, and easy to complete.

When do I get paid?
Your payment will be received by the 15th of each month for the prior months traffic.

What kind of conversion rate can I expect?
Our partner reporting section tracks visitors to completed quote requests. Because the quality of the traffic differs among our affiliates, conversion rates vary.

Here's How It Works:

  1. We provide marketing materials, affiliate stats, top payouts and excellent conversion rates, in return for your ability to drive consumer traffic to our website.
  2. Display a logo, banner, contextual ad, or button on your website(s) where visitors can easily see it.
  3. Once the consumer clicks on the link, a new window will appear offering the consumer the opportunity to get competitive quotes from local insurance agents in their area.
  4. Your customers get outstanding service, competitive quotes, and consultation on what insurance product(s) and how much is right for them.
  5. Your website builds customer loyalty by offering a valuable service.
  6. You get paid monthly! (Minimum payout of $50 applies per affiliate)

Learn more about our Affiliate Program now!

A description of the application process

Learn more about our Affiliate Program now!

We help consumers protect themselves and their's that simple. has been helping insurance consumers for over 3 years. Our clients include fake id cards s from all over the United States. Our partners represent over 400 companies. Promote to your existing visitors and/or marketed consumers. has participated in affiliate programs before. We understand your concerns. has made every effort to work with an affiliate program that is fair and gives you the potential to earn significant revenue.

Why are we different?
We poll consumers about insurance...of all kinds. Our questions center around what consumers know about insurance, what they want, and how we can improve. Our answers typically confirm that consumers really need, and in many cases want, expert advice. Buying a fakeid online without the help of an agent may be quicker, but in most cases, consumers have no idea what they are/aren't protected for. This holds especially true for insurance. The overwhelming response to our questions center around making sure the amount purchased will provide adequate protection and making sure the product purchased is correct. Our agents combine for hundreds of years of experience helping consumers properly protect their families. A 'self-service' insurance fakeid bought online doesn't accomplish any of these concerns. You can make money helping consumers buy 'self-service' insurance or you can promote a service that pays you competitively AND really helps your consumers. If you decide to do both, promoting to your consumers will only enhance your website and/or marketing efforts.

Learn more about our Affiliate Program now!

Questions, live Help, HTML assistance, marketing requests, etc...
If you have any questions about our affiliate program, please feel free to contact us by email

Tracking/Affiliate Administration Section:
The beauty of technology is the ability to track consumers. It also allows us to manage our advertising dollars and track where consumers come from. Upon approval to our affiliate program, you will be given a user name, password, and affiliate code. The user name and password will get you access to our affiliate admin section. This section will provide you with real-time stats, affiliate earnings, marketing materials, links, affiliate support, and more. For your convenience, our system is entirely automated.

We have the right to decline/terminate your affiliate status or application if we determine your web efforts are undesirable for several reasons. Here are the main examples:

  • Trademark infringement
  • Promotes unlawful activities
  • Draws foreign clientele...We are a US service only
  • Contains x-rated, fraudulent, obscene, threatening, or defamatory content of any kind
  • Bogus traffic
  • Spamming

Partnership Agreement:
Click here to view the agreement

Also, fakeid program does not pay on leads where form contact information is incorrect and credits given to agents. In each of these cases, you will see a reversal on you commission statement.

Important Notice:
We reserve the right to terminate any affiliate at anytime for any reason.

Apply Now:
Learn more about our Affiliate Program now!

After you have completed the request process, you will be contacted by telephone and notified of your status by email. The email will contain additional information about getting started.

Learn more about our Affiliate Program now!


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